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07 November 2018


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Rashmii Bell

Hi Simon. Thank you for reading the series and the positive feedback - such a thrill to have your compliments about my writing. I really appreciate it.

Simon Davidson

Hi Rashmii - Thank you for the brilliant pieces you have penned. They are poetic and I enjoy your carefully minted phrases and prose. Keep writing.

Rashmii Bell

This story by Tim Davies aired on Channel 9 News this evening.

Issues raised here this coverage reflect the range of concerns raised in 'Trail Of Woe'.

Last week, Adventure Kokoda Trek Leader Bernie Rowell and his group were stopped at two points along the Trail and demanded to pay additional fees before passage was granted. This is despite trekker fees already paid to the (PNG) Kokoda Track Authority - whom Trail communities say have not had filtered through for the past 3 years.

Rashmii Bell

Thank you, Chips. I've really appreciated your input through our emails in between articles.

Absolutely, I will pass on your suggestion to Charlie - in case he misses your comment on here.

I had lunch with Murray Bladwell the other week, who had some good suggestions as well. Very helpful since I have had nil response from PNG's CEPA and KTA.

i have also forwarded this article to PNG NMAG's Dr Andrew Moutu whom I hope will make some commentary as to how the significant sites I have alluded to in my piece will be improved - given when, upon a glance through, I didn't see mention in their recently launched Militry Heritage Plan.

Perhaps the fate of Kokoda Trail (as per Trail Of Woe) will be much like the development of contemporary PNG-authored literature. Dismal interest and co-operation from relevant authorities within PNG, but a lot of ground work, networking and advocacy from within Australia.

Then again, it is indication enough that not one PNG-based journalist has reached out to me since article 1 was run on PNG Attitude.

Chips Mackellar

An excellent series of articles on the Kokoda Trail, Rashmii.

And yesterday the Australian prime minister announced a special fund to support investments in the Pacific area.

So why don't you ask Charlie to approach General Molan to see if he can get some funding to upgrade facilities along the Kokoda Trail of the kind you have mentioned.

This would be to the benefit of both the Australians who walk the Trail, and the people who live along it. This is a chance we should not miss.

Rashmii Bell

Much appreciated, Robin. Thank you:)

Robin Lillicrapp

Well done, Rashmii.

Rashmii Bell

The last article of 7 in this series. Thank you to the platform of PNG Attitude for publishing and circulating.

Thank you to all who have read, commented, circulated and contributed to generating a much needed conversation which requires equal, open dialogue - urgently.

Massive thank you to KJ for the clarity given through his excellent editing when I pushed through some fairly wordy, muddled pieces.

I'd like to note that the learning I benefited from through the Paga Hill Development Company MWTE Writer Fellowship 2018 influenced the wriitng of this series, particularly its format - a new challenge for me.

If there are tangible outcomes to be seen from my 6 months of fellowship activity earlier this year, writing of 'Trail Of Woe' leads the way.

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