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23 November 2018


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Chris - This article is informative. A fine commentary on some of current political madness happening around the world.

Keith made a cryptic comment following my take on the journalistic cover of the APEC debacle to the effect that he could see why I'm no journalist.

I entirely agree with him, as a writer I'd make a shocking journalist.* However, it did make me ponder the roles of journalists in the scheme of things. Then along comes Chris' expose of the idiots in our midst, especially at the top.

If you put the two together it's hard not to come to the conclusion that journalists not only feed idiots like Trump, O'Neill and Morrison but in many cases they actually create them. Especially the ego-driven ones.

They seem to be ably assisted by lawyers in this endeavour.

* Journalists, conversely, sometimes make good writers - go figure.

If you're looking for logic and good old common sense at the voter level then good luck with that, Chris.

There is a common thread that is immutably entwined in our DNA and that can be instantly recognised whenever written history is consulted. We never learn from our mistakes.

Perhaps the truth is that we have not evolved past a point where we can recognise a mistake (read false prophet or con merchant), and eradicate them and their policies before that person/s takes power?

Actions speak louder than words. Yet we continue to vote for popular personalities rather than look at the party manifesto, should there actually be one having been issued and that can be easily read and understood.

The inconvenient truth is that most humans are not hard wired to either look at the big picture or in turn to be able to effectively manage the big picture. It’s been established that one person can only know and therefore manage around 120-150 other people. How does that then work with a nation of millions?

The usual answer is that an aspiring leader will make promises of what they will do if he/she is elected. Yet political leaders can only promise to give something materially to us after they have extracted the means to do so from us in the first place.

To camouflage that inconvenient truth, the ever increasing, taxpayer funded, official spin doctors are employed to tell everyone why it's in their best interests to trust the person wanting to be elected or re-elected. In truth, it’s really the political party machine that wants the power to pay all its supporters off for their assistance in achieving a win ‘at the ballot box’.

So as readers of PNG Attitude are demonstrably switched on and intelligent, otherwise why else would they be reading your comments, it seems you are regrettably preaching to the converted.

Even we of the converted can learn a few lessons (and get much needed reinforcement) - KJ

Bougainville 1977, we had Suzuki Brutes in the Plant and Transport Authority, we got three Brutes for the price of one Landcruiser.

Equating to one foreman with up to five labourers times three on road building supervision.

An initiative of the then Provincial Works Engineer/Manager, Per George.

I'm glad you got that off your chest Chris.

What more can one say, I totally agree with you.

I've been driving Suzuki Jimnys for years. I often cruise past Land Cruisers bogged on the beaches around Tumby Bay.

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