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25 November 2018


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Bernard Corden

The AFP could even get out of the yacht clubs in Mosbi and Lae:

Bernard Corden

Is there anybody in Queensland state or local government doing any due diligence on the happy gardener?

Will Self

And so it begins....

Scott bringing PNG into disrepute? Surely that is the job of the government.

Arthur Williams

'Government humiliated by Papua New Guinea’s abuse of aid' - press release from the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union (Wednesday, 21 November 2018):

The folly of giving taxpayer money to the Papua New Guinean government has been made clear, as soldiers have stormed the country’s Parliament to protest unpaid allowances.

“The New Zealand Government, and by association New Zealand taxpayers, have been made to look like fools by a wasteful and corrupt foreign government,” says New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke.

“Kiwi taxpayers forked out $15 million specifically to help Papua New Guinea’s government pay for security at APEC. Instead, $7 million was blown on a fleet of Maseratis and Bentleys for politicians, while the wages of security staff have gone unpaid.”

“The Papua New Guinean government has demonstrated that it simply cannot be trusted with our money. Winston Peters needs to prove he’s learned from this debacle by cutting off further funds – including the millions announced in extra aid over the weekend. Any further assistance to the country should be conducted purely through trusted non-government organisations.”'

This is a press release from an angry NZ Taxpayers Union. Perhaps Oh'Neill will cut off ties with NZ. But first tell us who in PNG arranged the Masta-Rati deal through the Sri Lanka garage. Letting us know who got a big commission for arranging it.

Also why as a quid pro quo he didn't offer it to Boroko Motors who kindly loaned buses to APEC.

Lindsay F Bond

Gavman PNG
Starve PNG teachers of hard-earned wages, but lose also trust
Starve PNG medics of true drug options, but lose also hearts
Starve PNG public of fact true reports, but lose by suspects
Stave off responses but lose credibility, risking democracy.

Ross Wilkinson

Unfortunately this is an all too common story around the world in despotic style governments who don't want their malpractices exposed.

Whilst it may punish the journalist and silence the immediate story it doesn't alter the facts.

What part of the adage, "Don't shoot the messenger," do they not understand?

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