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21 November 2018


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Harry Topham

As we know from events that have occurred in the current banking inquiry, the payment of bonuses as an incentive is fraught with danger.

As Arthur commented, unless there was overtime involved why should any state employee get extra money for merely doing what they are employed for.

Feel sorry for the poor gentleman who was thrown into the drink for having the guts to confront the mob.

Give him a medal for his bravery and charge the thugs involved in this melee for riotous behaviour I say.

That mucky pond shown in the photo doesn’t look too healthy.

If I was that gentleman I would be off sick with a sample of the water he ingested then off to the lawyers.

Arthur Williams

When did this happen Sunday or Monday? Double dipping?

I used to see the anomaly of public servants including police claiming pay for working at election time.

They got a camping allowance which is correct for time away from home.

However they claimed pay for working when they were already paid government wages. Is this the same in this APEC rampage or are they just claiming overtime which should surely be just a normal occurrence when worked throughout the year?

Will Self

Well there is the police commissioner warning the public that the APEC draconian security measures are still applicable, while his rabble of cut price Tonton Macoute run riot - literally. All in all - back to normal.

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