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13 November 2018


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Robert Wilson

I see P Torot listed. His first name is Peter and he was still working with the Madang Provincial Government when I caught up with him in January 2017. Still the same bloody good bloke I remember from back in the late 70's & early 80's

Philip Fitzpatrick

Thanks Joseph. It's good to know that John is still with us.

It would be great to know where he is living and what he's been doing for the last 40 years or so.

Joseph Kup

John Kup is alive but in poor health. Gary Roche is correct with his information.

Philip Fitzpatrick

SFA I suspect Paul.

Joe Nombri was living on Coke and Panadol before he died because the government wouldn't cough up for overseas treatment.

Somare wasn't racist - he hated both white and black kiaps.

Paul Oates

That's a good point Phil. If the RPNGC were eligible for recognition, and the Australian Kiaps are eligible for the POSM etc. What are the PNG National Kiaps eligible for and what did they receive?

Philip Fitzpatrick

That's great Raymond.

The national kiaps tend to miss out on the attention that the Australian kiaps get.

The old-time police from before independence also need to be celebrated.

Ross Wilkinson

Terrific Raymond. I remember Leo from my days in Madang 35 years ago. I can't wait for his list. Please give him my best wishes and thanks.

Raymond Sigimet

I have recently communicated with ex-PNG national Kiap, Leo Winuain.

He has provided close to 50 names of PNG national Kiaps. Some of the names are in Ross Wilkinson's list while a few are not in the list.

His list has complete names of the national Kiaps excluding one with just the surname.

I don't know if he might have some more names. I will have to check up with him again before I email his list to Keith.

Ex-PNG national Kiap, Leo Winuain served in Madang Province until he resigned recently from the public service.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I was surprised at the number of local PNG kiaps there actually were.

A close inspection reveals that the majority of them were recruited between 1970-75.

This tells me that there was a clear intent on the part of the Australian administration for the kiap system to continue after independence. The idea seems to have been to replace Australian kiaps with PNG kiaps.

It's now interesting to speculate how the country might have developed had Michael Somare not had such a grudge against the kiap system.

My gut feeling is that things would have turned out a lot better.

Garry Roche

Among the PNG kiaps are several who later became prominent, one of them being Bougainville's Dr Alexis Sarei, one time high commissioner to the UK - see

Peter Tsiamalili was also a Bougainvillean politician. Ningkama, and Joe Nombri were well known Simbu men.
Anthony Siaguru became prominent for his leadership role in Transparency International.

I seem to remember that a Veratau was serving in Western Highlands years after independence.

Raim, R. If R stands for Raphael then it may be Raphael Raim from Mokei in Mt Hagen.

Ross Wilkinson

Unfortunately, though, he was a dentist not a kiap and I guess a more appropriate photo should be used.

What a shame - much more photogenic than your average kiap. Nice set of teeth too. I've replaced the pic with (I hope) the real thing - KJ

Geoff Hancock

The man holding the child and surrounded by villagers is identified as David Cameron on a National Archives website.

The photo was said to be taken in 1948 by Jim Fitzpatrick.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Thanks Garry. I met John in Hagen in 1967. He must have just left the army then. I was doing some land purchasing and he came along to help.

I caught up with him later when he was a member of the Commission of Enquiry into Land Matters in 1972. He played up a bit and had to leave unfortunately.

I was never sure whether he was a kiap or where he served. I also don't know whether he is still with us.

Garry Roche

I believe that the person listed as 'Kup Ogut, J' is no less than John Kup of Mt Hagen. His father was Jacobus Kup. Ogut (or Ugit) was an ancestor sometimes referred to as Kuel Ugits.

John Kup had studied in Australia and later was a kiap in Western Province. I do not know if he is still alive. Phil, I think you knew John Kup. He had a brother Akai Kup.

The person listed as 'Smare, Arnold' is from Sepik and actually married Josephine Kup a sister of John Kup. Their son Anthony Smare is a company director. Arnold Smare was with the diplomatic service for some time.

'Tembon, Johannes' is probably John Tembon from Hagen from the same clan as Paias Wingti (Jika Mukuka). He died several years ago.

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