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03 November 2018


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Robert L Parer CMG MBE

To answer Raymond Sigimet’s question about the East Sepik Governor: He is not related to Nancy Bird-Walton.

Raymond Sigimet

Just out of curiosity, are the Bird family noted here related to Allan Bird, Regional member and Governor of East Sepik Province?

Robert L Parer CMG MBE

After we sold our various trading business at Vanimo to Steamships Trading Company in 1970 a brother of Nancy Bird-Walton’s managed Steamships for them.

He told me he had worked in Papua at various outstations.

My Dad, Bob Parer, knew Nancy from the old days of flying in the 1930s as he was an aeronautical engineer and looked after his brothers' (Ray and Kevin) aircraft in PNG.

He first met Nancy when he went with Ray barnstorming around Australia in the 1920s.

The last time he met her was at Wewak Hotel in the 1960s and he used his skills to fix her zipper of her frock. My mother told me this with a laugh.

Arthur Williams

Is this the John Bird who was onetime manager of Steamships Baimuru store? Or perhaps a relative?

I heard from Adrian Van Feldt that John had a famous female aviator sister or niece.

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