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23 November 2018


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Did Xi give O'Neill the idea to shut up Scott Waide?

As the Washington Post put it, APEC was "a week during which China’s official delegation staged a series of aggressive, bullying, paranoid and weird stunts to try to exert dominance and pressure the host nation and everyone else into succumbing to its demands."

China, when they saw APEC was to be held in PNG, obviously saw it as their opportunity to try to manipulate the meeting in their favour of Free trade.. to bolster their BRI.

At the moment we know China is suffering from Trump's retaliationary tariffs. I can imagine Xi wanting to try to get back at Trump at this APEC meeting. If he couldn't have his way he wanted the meeting to look like a failure. All his party clapped when it was announced that there was no agreement. In his small mind "he won".

All along we could see that the PNG people really didn't have a clue about APEC. "What was it?" they asked. People were being told that "it will be good for PNG" and "the world will come and see us and want to help us" etc.

When really APEC is just a meeting of Asian/Pacific leaders to discuss world trade rules.

All Xi could think about was promoting his Free Trade for his BRI. The concept that developing countries like PNG need to be allowed to protect their infant industries didn't seem important.

It was great when, just before APEC, the PNG Customs burnt a lot of Chinese made bilums. You can see the photo on their Facebook page.

But the way Xi treated PNG journalists was so rude. Any decent Prime Minister would have spoken out and insisted that his own country's journalists be allowed to report on all events.

Yes, Xi is a predator against press freedom and needs to apologise to the PNG journalists who he shut out of certain events in Port Moresby.

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