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30 November 2018


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Alex Niku

Very inspirational story and heart breaking. We need to emphasis our dreams and aspirations to the ones who dearly needs it by reading the inspirational stories that can motivate the young PNG's who are still in the journey of struggling through the path of success.

Lee Clayton

Wonderful story. Thanks to the numerous people of vision like Mr. Pole John Kale and his family and many other Papuan New Guinea people with similar stories to tell. In 1973 I graduated from the University of PNG along with another student from the Highlands of New Guinea. He told me a little of his life from being a small village boy to a young man holding a Masters degree in Arts and soon to be posted to the PNG embassy in Tokyo. He told me that he was about twelve years old before he saw a wheel and now he was about to represent his nation on the world stage. Fifteen years working in PNG from 1965 to 1980 were the best years of my life. I will always remember the many bright happy people of PNG who helped me with my work. Cheers.

Kolly Alange Koka

Really heart touching. I'm still looking for a copy for my own of this book. Congratulations to the one who made it to Yale.

Philip Kai Morre

Academics can only express their intelligence and ability by writing books. What they know is transferred for others to read and comprehend.

Within a week, SWA has produced two books from Mathias Kin and Pole Kale. Without Francis Nii, things would have turned out very differently.

He's an instinctive editor who never refuses any editorial work despite his extreme personal burdens. You made SWA proud. Congratulations!

Mathias Kin

Congratulations Nebare, you are indeed an amazing man. Your strength and perseverance is an inspiration to many including myself.

Congratulations are also in order to Pole Kale. His story is a story that must be read by all young people across PNG who have dream for a future.

I crossed paths with Pole only three weeks ago and he seemed a very radiant character. I am thankful that he has joined Simbu Writers Association and will contribute greatly to the aspirations of our association.

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