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03 October 2018


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Feedback received for this article, via my Twitter account (@amoahfive_oh):

1. "Thanks so much for this. I've been keen to look at a Kokoda trek before (I get too old!) but, while I have a few contacts in Port Moresby from a couple of brief stints working there, I'd always worried about how the locals are treated by guiding companies" - Steve Milburn. @Styvo51

2. "Great piece. Reinforced (and explained) what we had been told by our guide a few months ago" - Dr Anna Powles @AnnaPowles

Thank you for sharing such an honest account of the reality these brave carriers face.

If it wasn't for these individuals, how many would be able to complete this amazing and life changing trek at all?

If more is written and more open discussions are facilitated allowing the carriers to find their voice and share their experiences openly, then positive change will surely follow.

A postal run it ain't. Scramble is of ridges and bridges and midges.

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