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12 October 2018


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Meanwhile daily the clear-fellers' chainsaws buzz, their jinkers roar, their log boats leave. I would assume transfer pricing continues.

Part One of the SABL inquiry describe in detail the illegal methods used to obtain these free from rent 99 years leases.

Almost all the SABls in the report were said to be defective. But the loggers friends in very high places have ensured the clear-felling goes on.

I felt like crying when i saw pictures of what has happened to the Min River basin on my wife's Lavongai Island. I was there in 2007-8 and not one of her extended family that i was with knew anything about losing their land.

80% of her island gone to the corrupt elites and their foreign masters.

Yet the Forest Industry spokesman and Minister can stand up in public forums and declare there is no illegal logging in PNG.

Evil corruption.

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