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13 October 2018


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Apparently you can get from Waigani or Touaguba Hill to Jacksons in 3.6 minutes in a Maserati, Harry.

Very handy if you need to get out of the country in a hurry.

Harry Topham

I guess that before a decision was made to purchase these vehicles a fact finding mission would have been mounted with the lucky participants given a free trip to Italy to inspect the beasts.

After suitable wining and dining then off to the Maserati test track at the Fiorano Circuit for a couple of quick laps.

A wonder if there were any prospective chauffeurs on board the junket.

There certainly will need a lot of training before they set foot in the cabin as to tame such beasts needs a lot of skill.
Steering wheel paddle controls, 10 different handling settings to master before you engage power and some 800 horse power under the bonnet.

Alas for the poor old PNG serfs the only taste of luxury they will get to experience will the smell of exhaust gases as the mega monsters roar down the freeway.

For those interested and having a few spare bucks to spare one can journey to Italy and after paying a “non disclosed” fee you too can experience the Maserati thrill. Enjoy

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