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17 October 2018


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"Eyeballing the stone age in New Guinea, where they cuddle your balls for a handshake" is a line from an article I read in a foreign magazine a long time ago.

Now that the focus of the world press is on PNG with APEC, I wonder what sort of articles are being published around the world.

I think it is along the lines of "eyeballing the modern PNG where they drive Maseratis and Bentleys" - KJ

You can't blame Sam for trying to cover his back by issuing a statement and denial of some aspects of his warning, including the use of words like 'assassination'.

You also can't blame Bryan for adding what Sam has hinted at to other information he has gleaned and concluding someone is lining him up for assassination.

You also can't blame Bryan for putting it on the public record.

The sanctity of life in PNG is at an all time low. Lives are now cheap and there are plenty of people willing to kill if the money is right.

Many prominent people in PNG now carry concealed firearms, not only the bad ones but the good ones too, including some of those who feature on PNG Attitude from time to time. It is a sensible step.

I hope Bryan keeps a gun close too.

Agree with Phil. Bryan's statement was a bit of an insurance policy as well as a warning to potential perpetrators. Getting the PNG police involved would be a lottery. I wonder what Bryan's detractors would do in a situation of plausible threat. Pack heat? Hire a couple of heavies? Leave the country? Laugh it off? - KJ

Dear Bryan,

"Always go too far because that's where you'll find the truth" - Albert Camus

Not to put too fine a point on it, going forward, there will be considerable eyeing of all cars in Mosbi, unmarked, marqued and murked.

On matters of virtue, stand up and together.

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