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PNGi takes Ockham's razor to APEC Maserati furore

Was Silver Fox's crude attempt to censor citizen on APEC's behalf?

Silver Fox
David ('Silver Fox') Johnson's communications to Emmanuel Narakobi - was Johnson acting with the authority of APEC or as a freelancer?


PORT MORESBY – Last Wednesday, respected young entrepreneur Emmanuel Narakobi shared on Facebook an article showing the arrival of the controversial million kina Italian luxury cars at Jacksons International Airport.

He shared a post by airline company, Ajot, that flew the cars to Port Moresby. Minutes after posting the article he was in-boxed by a person with a Facebook account called ‘Silver Fox’ providing his number and insisting Emmanuel call him immediately.

The message read - “You must immediately take down posts of Maserati … APEC security act will be inacted [sic]”.

The person then messaged Emmanuel on SMS - “Need you to immediately take down FB posts concerning recent airport photos ... It is a security risk under APEC joint task force ... Please call me, David Johnson”.

David JohnsonJohnson telephoned Emmanuel explaining he was part of APEC security and instructed him to take down his post. Emmanuel did take the post down and so did Ajot.

So who is David Johnson?

He is an Australian expatriate who arrived in PNG sometime in 2015. He resides in Lae providing financial advisory services. 

He later acquired a shelf company Karama Consultants, registering himself as the sole director and shareholder.

In August 2017 he registered two other shelf (start-up) companies, Karama Developments Limited (which claims to specialise in residential and commercial property development) and Karama Health Limited.

Now in 2018 it appears Johnson specialises in APEC and cyber security.

Emmanuel Narokobi
Emmanuel Narakobi, member of an eminent PNG family. Was he a victim of a crude attempt at censorship by APEC or by an impostor?

So my message to David Johnson AKA Silver Fox is this….

“While you are a mere visitor to our country, Emmanuel Narakobi comes from a well respected political family of highly educated lawyers and entrepreneurs.

“Late Bernard Narakobi was former attorney general under the Namiliu government and a firebrand politician.  Emmanuel like any other Papua New Guinean is not answerable to you.

“So your threatening words are completely unacceptable!

“You are treading a thin line, given that public funds have been used to splurge on cars, PNG cannot afford under a scheme to illegally dispose of them to the benefit of a number of unknown private firms. Are you one of these private bidders?

“Before you decide to threaten another one of my fellow countrymen, Mr Johnson, I strongly suggest you call me instead, my number is 7093 0840.”

It is becoming clear O’Neill government’s decision to pass the APEC Security Act was that it be used against its own citizens.


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David Kitchnoge

Perhaps David Johnson has a magic wand which would melt these Maseratis into polio vaccines after the big meeting?

And he would carry these and walk through the Finisterre ranges and immunise my vulnerable little brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews since he lives in Lae?

Bernard Corden

Should that be Karamap Consulting?

Michael Lorenz

It could hardly be considered an APEC security issue if Justin Tkatchenko has issued issued a press release (see next story) about the matter, no?

Or is David Johnson going to issue a take-down notice to Justin Tkatchenko as well? :-)

Lindsay F Bond

With a "take down" from a "start-up", seems a less than ideal choice of phrase.

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