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12 October 2018


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Michael Dom

The garden boy is running amok in the pantry.

Paul Oates

I too had the same thought Harry. Perhaps it really shows the orientation of the bloke who made the decision?

Harry Topham

Something fishy here I think. Tender processes? Kick backs perhaps? Be nice to know who was behind this debacle, the gardener?

Besides their Chinese mates now make very nice luxury limos, which would have been at a fraction of the cost involved.

But then again if one wants to rob a bank, a Maserati would be ideal. Certainly leave the pursuing coppers in their wake.

Paul Oates

The kids are loose in the candy store.

Robert L Parer CMG MBE

Any idea what the two Boeing 747-8 charters would cost per vehicle? Cannot see any private person being prepared to pay this extra cost.

William Dunlop

Ross - And pray may I add my 2 bob's worth, What was the US$ cost of the two charters. Say US$2 million. Sure would buy a lot of milk shakes.

And in the real world, not forgetting the quantity of failed essential medical equipment in PNG hospitals this money could replace.

Bob Lawrence

History is repeating itself. Transport Minister Iambakey Okuk in early 1975 ordered 20 Mercedes Benz cars as Ministerial cars. Somare hit the roof, but the PNG Government could not reverse the contract, so the cars were sold off on arrival.

Ross Wilkinson

How stupid am I! The Minister has just conclusively proved why I failed third form maths all those years ago.

I made a base assumption that 20 of the vehicles were at $AU200,000 and 20 at $AU350,000 and that they would be all disposed at these rates.

This is a total recovery of $AU11,000,000 or, at today's exchange rate of 0.431650, K25,483,609.

My maths says that this is a project shortfall of approx K14,500,000 but, the Minister has assured us that the exercise will be cost neutral.

As an eminent Australian MP once asked, "Please explain?"

And that's not counting on-costs, Ross, including the considerable expense of chartering two 747s - KJ

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