Call for transparency in government's luxury car deals
As he farewells the nation, Michael Somare visits an old friend

Cross the APEC bridge

APEC minister Justin Tkatchenko in front of APEC House (Koroi Hawkins)MICHAEL DOM

That bridge you built to span the gap
Does not lead to a better life
You've signed bad loans, your pen a knife
To stab PNG on their map
It's bound to bleed, causing us more strife,
That bridge you built.

But some say "We'll be better chaps"
When APEC come, you play their wife
Go blow their trumpets, play their fifes
Squeeze their pockets, dance on their laps:
That bridge you built.

We'll be watching, ready to clap
Your slum-dog millionaire life
The world will see corruption rife
On instant access mobile apps
We hope it causes you some strife
That bridge you built.


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Lindsay F Bond

Gotta applaud imagery and imagination from Michael. Let all keep watch.

That said, the long game is where all will sight revelations and feel bite of 'slum-dog'.

Example: Look at buildings in central Asian nations where Russia once wielded influence, for there are too many structures of standing concrete, now somewhat failing as stone cladding falls. In lands where value is exemplified in the endurance of stone masonry, the sight is for all to see as the drop of veneer of a passing phase of governance.

For a nation of islands and rugged terrain, the word 'bridge' is strategic for economy and effort.

There are folk who have noticed the peninsula venue for APEC, earlier conceptualized as accessible by bridge, appears now linked to the main (itself an island), by a causeway. The cause for a variance in design may well touch on security, certainty and structural integrity, way beyond November's niceties.

Vanessa Gordon

“Your pen a knife” - I love this Michael!

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