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28 October 2018


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Baka Bina

Phil - I wish it were as simple as Mr McCall Smith writes it.
But if he can write some fascinating story about the Third World and put out all its complex intricacies, I'm sure we can find in PNG someone who can do that with our own PNG ways and pasin.

They just have to start putting pen and ideas to paper.

A Papua New Guinean can tell his stories in a way no other person can. I may be wrong here but if a Scottish person can write successfully of a Botswanian thing, then it is possible for an expatriate to write all things PNG. Mind you, this Scot seems to have made a real killing here whilst he was at it.

My favorite African story is Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart'. I thought Chinua told the most simple African story without having to tell the African culture.

I think I may have read a copycat of Mr McCall Smith stories somewhere but I think I might be mistaking it with the vet story of another Scot - James Herriot's 'A Country Practice'.

Anyway, thank you Phil, you keep on burning the fire in us in this endeavor of free writing. I am sure Emmanual Peni and Francis Nii will agree with me that we take kudos from you mentioning us again and again.

It is a chore to keep on writing and we hope that we will produce some more. Personally I feel that my late nights are futile but I may get over it.

Academic writing seem to flourish well here. There has been a flurry of launches recently and Dr Eric Kwa's launch of his PNG Law Dictionary has a few Tok Pisin words that have got into the legal realm. It was a timely publication.

A few PNGns are faring well on the writing scene. David Gonol through Marapa Publications and Jordan Dean through JDT publications are assisting a lot of other writers to publish their works.

You have written about the pitfalls of publishing before and would like to ask if you if you can re-state what an average reader would like to see in a published work.

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