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04 October 2018


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Thanks for this story. I have now read the full account.

I considered several units when facing national service in 1958. Definitely didn’t want to allow my banking clerical experience to prevent me enjoying a totally different opportunity that being a Nasho gave a young man.

So my choices were The Guards, a submariner or in the tanks. Looking back the last two were all the more crazy because even at 18 I already had a dislike of enclosed spaces. Thus it meant I opted for the Welsh Guards, the youngest regiment of Britain’s household Brigade.

Over the years of reading books or viewing movies I often have felt glad I was unable to get into the other two types of military. I guess claustrophobia took over.

I think of scenes from more modern films like ‘Hunt for Red October’ or ‘Das Boot’ reinforce this phobia. There have been caving movies too which frighten the life out of me and make me feel quite nauseous. Some of the scenes of the recent Thai cave rescue made me squirm in my seat. Especially so are those that show really narrow passageways or having slide on your belly really are the limit.

Thus this report from Cairns, James Cook Uni really amazes me. Well done to all the folks that have done it over the past 50 years in New Britain.

Their ideas of making the area a protected area surely is worthy of our support so that in time to come the local peoples there can be integrated at all levels into the specialised tourist adventuring trade it will attract for many years to come.

Though I spent many years in PNG and have been to Rabaul, both before and after the 1994 volcanic eruption, and also have been to Kimbe, I never visited or knew much about the Nakanai mountain range.

The information presented in this publication about the cave systems is fascinating, and well worth reading. In addition to historical background there is also information on the archaeology of the region and data on several unique species of plants and animals.

If you like spiders or mice or frogs, you can read about unique species of them in this volume. Fascinating.

You can download the full story of the Nakanai mountains here - - KJ

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