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01 September 2018


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I suggest Chris’ reflections deserve a more in depth response. What we are looking at are two separate factors. One is the democracy as we have come to know and expect it. The other is outback Australia.

Outback Australia is only now accessible due to previous generations of explorers risking their lives and sanity to go where only a few first Australians had gone before. Indeed those first Australians had clearly decided there were slim pickings available and pretty much left it alone and virtually depopulated, in modern terms anyway.

In the scheme of today’s hugely influential media and certain elements of the green part of the spectrum, those few natural inhabitants who have evolved to survive in this inhospitable country should be left alone and in peace. Brine shrimps in Lake Eye should now all give a collective sigh of relief. We won’t disturb your utopia just yet until the world population requires more food and Lake Eyre will, at 400 feet below sea level, eventually be flooded by natural (read global warming) or artificial (human) means.

In response to the issue about how modern political leaders resolve their affairs however, the issue is one of self-fulfilling prophesies. The more we leave the issue alone the worse it will get.

It’s really like a vegetable garden. Leave it alone for a few days and the weeds tend to establish themselves. Leave it alone for a longer period and you end up with a garden bed full of those weeds you don’t have a use for and yet have become self-perpetuating and clearly much harder to eradicate.

‘One year’s seeding is seven years weeding’ is what my maternal great grandmother used to say.

So rather than turning our backs in disgust and, like the young American said when he justified his stance in not voting, say; “No matter who you vote for, you get a politician’. We need to get involved rather than turn our backs on the situation.

After all, how bad does it have to get before enough people start demanding a say in what they want and who can and will be held accountable for providing it?

But until that tipping point happens, nothing will change.

Phil - Pairs of au pairs, look out ,before you know it the au pairs seem to have morphed and multiplied into enfant protoges or in Dutton's case enfant terrible.

Chris.Bang on.Collective 'Edjits'.Touche Garry.

Come on Chris. I'll give you a week back in "civilisation" before you can't resist finding out what the bastards are up to.

Meanwhile it appears we are in danger of being overrun by au pairs.

And Donald Trump won't be at APEC or bother to drop in on Australia.

Chris, you write: "....a shared experience of dysfunctional government may, somewhat perversely, bring us a tiny bit closer together in terms of our collective experience of life."

Touche ! Right on the mark.

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