Elegant new Fitzpatrick novel looks at the illusion of ‘a simple life’
Day labour – is it a real thing in Gumine, or just a myth?

The Top Dogs


Authority comes from the Top Dogs’ bark
Dictating the rule of law as their own work

Top Dogs’ action is perfect for them
But causes the nation to react, ‘not again’

Top Dogs play favouritism
To capitalise on their nepotism

As cruelty, self-gain and egocentrism spread
We’re filled with angst, desperation and dread

Top HatLike a chronic disease, it infects even the best
To drift and grift and graft along with the rest

Impossible deeds are Top Dogs’ pronouncements
Sweet words weapons of public announcements

Top Dogs’ brains preside over loudly mouthed views
That lack any true wisdom on problems or issues

In their grubbing, they ignore our Constitution
As they and their cronies manipulate the nation

When with the Desperado, the Top Dogs remain calm
Like little cloth puppets embraced in his palm

Top Dogs are transients, just dummy players
Just temporarily Top Dogs, but never as stayers


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Philip Kai Morre

When you study the other side of dogs' behaviour, they are quick to forgive and forget. Dogs are faithful to their master and they are obedient on unconditional.

So what sort of dog characteristics can we refer to our politicians? Maybe the behaviour where they steal, kill chickens, eat bones and roll in the rubbish.

Jimmy Awagl

We have a lot of puppets and political clowns in PNG.

Michael Dom

Em tasol ia!

Good style, straight shots, hit the bullseye every time.

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