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24 September 2018


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What they need is a 40-50 ft shallow draft aluminium barge with diesels and jet drives. It should have small cabins, genset backup and space to store a vehicle so, when they arrive at river locations, they can drive off and back on.

The vehicle needs to be an all terrain 4WD and the barge ramp the extended type.

I can be contacted to help design but I do not have money just the idea from many years of travelling through Western Province rivers and coastal areas.

Daru is about 1,500 hectares in size. You can walk to most parts in a very short time. The airport is smack in the middle at the highest points (3 metres).

The 'corners' are settlements of different people from the mainland. Bamu River people from the mainland live at Bamu Corner, for instance.

I agree with you Peter. A boat would be a much better proposition. With a boat they could get to the mainland and some of the islands where TB is probably also rife.

Perhaps I am becoming senile, but from my recollections of Daru island, no part of the island is too far from the Daru Hospital and the topography of the island is that of a typical estuarine island, rather low lying with a bit of a rise, which apparently was sinking, upon which the comms tower was built.

I think when the writer talks about "Bamu", he probably means "Bamu Corner", which is one of the many corners of the town in which transients and not so transients from other parts of the Western Province reside.

The real Bamu is of course on the mainland. In my humble opinion, the anti-TB campaign would be far better off with a decent boat than a truck.

However, I stand to be corrected by my betters!

I believe you are one of the 'betters', Peter - KJ

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