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10 September 2018


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Well stated, Samuel

Excellent article, Samuel. There's got to be a balance between full speed and idleness in life. Keep writing.

I find pleasure in a little bit of idleness. Just lost in my calm happy thoughts.

There's nothing wrong with being idle.

I would recommend reading Bertrand Russell's celebrated essay "In Praise of Idleness".

He argues that realising our full potential - and thus enjoying the greatest possible success and happiness - is not accomplished by working harder or smarter, but through harnessing the extraordinary power of idleness.

I tend to agree with him. There's nothing more annoying than a busy person.

You can find the essay on the web. Just search the title.

Work keeps away those three great evils: boredom, vice and poverty - Voltaire

Great message for young people today. I see a lot of idlers everywhere. They not only sleep all day but when they wake up they also go to idle away at the buai stall or around a card game betting 10t, 20t or 50t. They idle away all day.

Great piece, Samuel. Look forward to read more from you.

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