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17 September 2018


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Barbara Short

He says "avoiding recent inward-looking protectionist policies" ... but to me PNG has been "ripped off". Read the latest Oakland report and you will hear about all the rainforests of PNG being cut down and exported as logs and no tax is paid.

Look at the way the Asians are now supplying "everything" a man needs in their stores. No need for the ladies to make their dresses anymore .. get the cheap clothes from Asia, no need to make their bilums, the Asian bilums are creeping in.

Look at the rice. PNG could grow all their own rice. But they are not really protecting and helping the small rice growers like Angoram Organic Rice. New infant industries like this one need protection. They can't compete with the cheap rice.

This APEC Conference seems to be a Chinese run affair. China will prime up the Pacific Nations that don't recognise Taiwan at some preAPEC meeting and probably tie them into some aid/loan arrangement... so all the protective barriers will be pulled down and the Chinese Belt and Road will push its way through.

"Protectionism" is the naughty word again. For a poor developing country against the world GIANT, the maker of "cheap everything you need", surely you are allowed to have some self-defense!

What hope is there for SMEs in PNG?

Albert Schram

Excellent overview of the real situation the country is now in. For very similar reflections on possible long-term developments in PNG:

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