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12 September 2018


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Bernard Corden

Neil Postman, Sherry Turkle and Andrew Keen are well worth reading on what Postman calls....….Amusing ourselves to death.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I'm not sure I trust that figure of 90% coverage.

Where did it come from and who worked it out?

Does it mean that you can get mobile coverage over 90% of PNG, which is patently wrong, or does it mean that 90% of the population have mobile phones, which is also wrong?

I would believe 90% coverage in Port Moresby but not in, say, Rumginae in Western Province.

My experience is that once you get out of the big towns fewer and fewer people have mobile phones.

I'm learning not to trust statistics coming out of places like PNG because their basis is usually narrow and limited.

It's a bit like this idea that PNG is a dangerous place. There are places that are really dangerous and there are many more places where its safe as houses.

Even in Port Moresby there are safe places and dangerous places. A lot depends on the time of the day too.

In my experience many of the squatter settlements are perfectly safe. People in them look out for each other and for visitors, especially white ones.

I think one should be wary of statistics and also wary of fly-in-fly-out experts.

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