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Police commissioner calls Madang MP a "mix race bastard"

Baki and Kramer
Police Commissioner Gary Baki & Madang MP Bryan Kramer - Baki has a reputation for being hot-tempered; not the best attribute for making good decisions


MADANG - Yesterday afternoon at 6pm I was at Biliau village on Manam Island when I noticed my phone registered five missed calls from of police commissioner Gary Baki.

I was on the Island to carry out an assessment of the extent of damage and plight of the Manam people following a massive volcanic eruption on Saturday morning but I was also aware that Bailiau was the same village where journalists were attacked on Sunday.

I was in the middle of speaking to villagers when commissioner Baki called. I also received a text message from him.

The message read - "Mr Kramer, it’s the police commissioner, can you answer your phone."

I replied ‘sorry I'm on Manam Island in a meeting with the villagers, will call you back in 30 min’.

Baki replied - "You better".

At this point it became clear Baki was calling me in relation to my recent article about filing a complaint and proceedings against him over his decision to close the file against prime minister Peter O'Neill relating to the Paraka scandal.

So I responded - "With due respect I plan to return your call, I don't see any reason why I wouldn't, or would have to if I choose not to."

At exactly 6:37pm I returned Baki's call. What followed was a heated conversation that lasted four minutes and 54 seconds.

The commissioner started the conversation with - "Who do you think you are?” and , while many other things were said, the more notable statements by the commissioner included the following:

“You are nobody....“

“You are not even a lawyer....”

“You are mix race bastard....”

“Nau tasol papa karim you bilong bol bilong em…."

“I am coming to parliament to face you….”

“You hurry up and file the court case against me and make sure you personally come to my office and serve it on me….”

“You filed a case against electoral commissioner and I will make sure you bring the evidence to my office….”

My response was – “It appears the good commissioner is confused between the powers he has over the force versus that over any other citizen let alone a member of parliament.”

If he is taking issue with the fact I'm mix race, last time I checked so is the prime minister Peter O'Neill, who appointed him, deputy prime minister Charles Abel, Member for Lae Open John Rosso, Member for Ijiviatri Richard Masere, Member for Bogia Robert Naguri, Member for Huon Gulf Ross Semor, Member for Kavieng Open, Member for Namatanai Open, Oro Governor Gary Juffa, East Sepik Governor Allan Bird

Add to that his own assistant commissioner David Manning and several thousand Papua New Guineans around the country and abroad.

I would be lying if I said I was shocked by Baki's outburst, he does have a reputation for losing his cool.

On the issue of my complaint against the electoral commissioner, it is interesting he has taken a direct interest in it but I wasn't aware it was criminal investigation procedure for the commissioner to summon witnesses to testify to the evidence. Last time I checked that jurisdiction belonged to the courts.

Mr Baki needs to come to terms with the fact that his threats or intimidation are of little concern to me. What I am concerned about is high-level corruption that is the cause behind why the majority of Papua New Guineans live in poverty.

The only means to stopping me will be a bullet to my head and nothing less. While some may say that can be arranged, what they need to understand is that it’s exactly what I'm banking on as the shortest pathway to unite a country and bring down those behind PNG's corrupt system of government.

Some free advice to the commissioner. Perhaps next time put in some thought before calling a member of parliament who has a reputation for being prolific on social media and followed by 100,000 people.

In anticipation that Mr Baki may claim I'm lying and threaten to have me arrested or take the matter to court, he needs to remember I was in the company of an entire village when he called so I don't expect to have a problem calling witnesses, and he can add to that the records on my phone.


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Albert Schram

Rabid racism rife in the corrupt police force. My own unlawful arrest on trumped-up charges, and illegal detention testify to this reality as well. Meanwhile, the police is an intrinsic part of the political system, used as gun for hires to sideline political opponents.

Francis Nii

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is first generation mixed race. Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel and Police Minister Delta Wong are also mixed race and so too a good number of politicians including Kundiawa-Gembogl MP William Gogle.

To date they have all been mute about Baki's racist outburst. Baki is clearly racist and yet it appears that O'Neill and Wong condone this barbaric and inhumane act.

Philip Kai Morre

PNG is a multi-racial and multi-cultural society that we need to embrace.

When we have people of different races, personalities and ideologies the country will prosper and become fully functional.

We should not criticise each other and create enemies.

Paul Waugla Wii

Papua New Guinea belongs to you and meI, just as it belongs to Bryan Kramer.

The scenario, if you have not already seen it, is this: nearly eight million people are going to be driven shamelessly and effortlessly to the pits of poverty simply because we, unlike Kramer, have no guts to stand up for what is just and right..and lawful.

Why do we take it lying down?

Harry Topham

Maybe the Queen should be asked to remove the Prefix" Royal" from the PNG Constabulary's name as this once esteemed organisation is no longer deserving of such a prefix title.

Maybe such a threat might be enough of a shame to bring these thugs back into line.

William Dunlop

I wonder how many times the late Pius Kerepia, PNG's first national police commissioner has rotated in his matmat over the disgraceful misbehavior of the present Incumbent of his commissioned officers and troopers.

My wife and I were very proud to be amongst Pius's personal friends.

Daniel Kumbon

The words of a man gone berserk. John Pundari is a long serving Engan politician. He has no other name except John Thomas Pundari.

Bernard Corden

When Richard Nixon referred to the late Pierre Trudeau as a "Pinko Commie bastard" his response was, "I've been called worse things by better people".

Lindsay F Bond

Under any other regime, Mr Baki is none. Career done.

Mathias Kin

All departmental heads including defence, police, correctional service, chief secretary, finance and the electoral commissioner are carefully screened, appointed and controlled by the PM.

O'Neill has set himself up so that he will be prime minister for a long time until he runs this country dry. That's the making of a dictator.

In the last seven years, Australia has seen four changes in its prime minister. In PNG O'Neill desperately hangs on.

An advice to Bryan Kramer; you should be wary of the bullet (as you mentioned) as the only means of shutting you. Be careful from here on. They are so desperate to cling to power - nothing will stop them, even a Bryan Kramer.

However be assured that the eight million people of PNG are with you.

Francis Nii

It is very sad incident and unbecoming of the head of a disciplinary force to act like a gangster.

However, Baki's action is not a surprise. He did not earn the position on merit. He was singly handpicked by Peter O'Neill to protect and serve his political interest and all along he has left in his track highly questionable legal black holes.

His current actions prove he cannot hide behind the clout of the regime that employs him. He is vulnerable just as any other law breaker.

If Bryan Kramer has his way, it's only a matter of time and true justice will prevail.

Thank you Bryan Kramar for speaking and acting against corruption in this country on behalf of the illiterate and ignorant majority of our people.

Robin Lillicrapp

You certainly live amidst troublesome circumstances, and people. It is good you remain level-headed and purposeful.

I'm sure the prayers of many accompany your way.

What you have shared is important: a demonstration to many concerned citizens of the degrees of departure from the rule of law by supposed defenders of it.

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