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18 September 2018


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Philip Kai Morre

I admire the old Latin song composed by monks, who were also the pioneers of medieval universities. Gaudiamus was normally sung before graduation.

Albert Einstein was trying to solve the complex problem of the universe and his theory on relativity was considered madness because he was thinking ahead of his time. Later scientists came to find out that he was accurate.

It's not that some scientists are mad, but they think outside the box which no normal person can comprehend.

Another such person was Sigmund Fraud, the Austrian psychoanalyst. Both Einstein and Freud were of Jewish origin.

One studied and discovered the inner world of human personality and consciousness; the other studied the outer world of time, space and energy.

Paul Oates

Thanks Rashmii. The solution for that particular problem is unfortunately easy to determine and yet extremely hard to find.

Ethical and effective leadership.

Rashmii Bell

Collective inertia. Agreed, Paul.

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