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02 September 2018


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Thank you Phil, in using TP in poems recently, I found it also to be very evocative especially when TP poems are recited to an audience of TP speakers. Michael, thank you, your analysis and interpretaion is spot on. Paul, glad the poem spoke to you. And Joseph, rural PNG still continues to face challenges in accessing basic government services resulting in the continued stream of rural drift resulting in societal and associated problems. Thanks again all, much appreciated.

Where is the investment in government services in rural homes?

Resonates very strongly with me Raymond. Great poetry and message. Well done mate.

"Ol i go lo lukim win moni
Na lusim gutpla pasin lo rot
Bai husait nau givim skul na kot?"

Keith suggests that line three is simplified for schools and courts, implying formal schooling and modern day village level courts.

But in the context of this poem, the verse and the particular Tok Pisin expression refers to more than schools and courts; it refers also to the learning about how to live and the listening to household and community grievances, i.e. this line speaks of the loss of people being raised under and resolving community issues by the traditional ways.

There are no wise elders around to teach the next generation, whom are not interested anyway.

They've left the good traditional ways behind, dumped their good customs along the roadside in a lustful journey for making money, profiteering off the place they left behind - like LNG landowners during the LNG umbrella benefit sharing exercise.

Enjoyed this one Raymond.

The image of an empty canoe left sleeping on the beach is very evocative.

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