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Let’s see if we can get some gear to Joe the designer in Fiji

Anthology Cover 2012PHIL FITZPATRICK

TUMBY BAY - Those readers who followed the Crocodile Prize for Literature in its first five years will remember the eye-catching covers of the annual anthologies.

They were all designed by Joe Bilbu, a Papuan designer based in Fiji.

Joe won a competition to design the 2012 cover and we were so impressed that we got him to design the subsequent covers.

Like most things related to the Crocodile Prize the covers were produced on a shoestring budget. Joe was happy to go along with that because he believed that Papua New Guinea literature was important.

As a self-employed graphic artist and designer he is now thinking about branching out and producing his own designs on tee-shirts, mugs and other paraphernalia.

To this end he has been saving his pennies to buy a heat transfer machine.

The machine isn’t particularly expensive (about AU$350) but the freight to Fiji is a problem, not so much because of cost but because the companies that sell the machines won’t ship them to Fiji.

Heat Press MachineWe’ve been trying to work out how to overcome this problem and have decided that the best option is to get the machine to TNT in Sydney so they can on-freight it to Joe. TNT in Fiji is happy to help if we can get the machine to their depot in Sydney.

Joe has organised to pay the freight costs when it arrives in Fiji.

What we are looking for is someone in Sydney who can receive the machine, re-address it to Joe and then take it to TNT for shipment. It’s not a large machine and comes boxed and is easy to handle.

I can’t do it from remote Tumby Bay because it would cost too much.

Joe is part of the PNG Attitude family. Would there be a member of the family out there who could help him?

If so, contact me at pacificasene@westnet.com.au and I can provide the details.


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