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05 September 2018


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I should know better than to rise to the bait of trite statements the likes of that made by Roger Sampson. No Roger, we are not saying that we are "as pure as the driven snow …" etc.

The real problem with the Una Voce statement is as I have said elsewhere "In pre Google days and the IT day’s false statements would usually disappear from the collective memory with the passage of time and the ability of researchers was difficult in comparison to today.

Now the minute anything is published online it is immediately “googled up” and stored effectively forever, always available at a few keystrokes to be regurgitated onto the screen, available for legitimate researchers as well as for those who have an axe to grind.

As a test I have just now Googled “seven cannibals were hanged by kiaps” and the response was “About 12,600 results (0.50 seconds)”.

This information will never be redacted by Google and will always be available to those whose purpose it will suit or maybe even be cited by “innocents” as fact."

Come on folks, surely this is just an unintentional error made by a volunteer helping to edit and publish the PNGAA magazine.

Probably just a lack of attention to one small detail. And now it's "slander" and everyone is up in arms? Lighten up.

I appreciate that kiaps were as pure as driven snow and never made a mistake, nor ever manipulated the system to their own ends while in service in remote locations in PNG, but please give a person at the PNGAA a bit of slack for making one small error of judgement.

Unlike kiaps, some of us are only human, you know.

Like Bill Brown and others, I must admit my disgust at this rubbish article, obviously lifted/stolen/plagiarised from online New Daily.

Quite frankly, not good enough Una Voce!

We value your membership of PNGAA, Bill, and we would be grateful for more articles relating to your experiences in PNG, particularly in relation to the establishment of the CRA mine on Bougainville.

It is worth noting that the mothers of the two murdered kiaps (Szarka and Harris) said that their sons would not have wanted death sentences imposed and lobbied the Australian Government to have them commuted.

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