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03 September 2018


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Thank you Dr Ben for this insightful article. For foreigners one of the shocking things in PNG is that educated PNGeans who should be members of the middle-class are not.

Because of the wantok tax of over 20% they are extremely cash poor. They do not live in middle class housing. Most importantly, they do not espouse middle class values.

The recent attacks on foreign Vice Chancellors, for example, show that while one would expect educated people to settle their differences peacefully, in PNG threats of violence, arrest, and deportation accompanied by frivolous legal actions are deemed necessary.

How do we define middle class in terms of income or wealth? Most of us live below poverty level in terms of hard cash. Most of us public servants live on credit because life is expensive.

Villagers are in a far worse situation.

There is a gap between rich and poor and this gap is becoming wider leaving just a few in the middle.

When we have a poor majority with few rich people, there is no social stratification to bring order to our society and people.

Sooner or later we will face revolution.

Good to see you here, Ben. Its been a very long time. Will comment on your piece later.

Fiefdom of the current era is in emergence of the adherence to a power person, a provider of sufficiency that affords continuity, an opportunism of that collective. Dispossession that came to pass and fold followings elsewhere of earlier centuries, is yet to impact the intensity of PNG clan bases and that which is grafted from its roots.
Thank you Benedict, knits of kins appears an intensive tip and splash of a palette.

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