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04 September 2018


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Are these the failings not of mankind, but of men? At the "critical issue of landowner consent"...

"There were no women recorded as speaking at the meeting despite the DAL report noting females make up more than half the population. The DAL team itself was comprised of three males." [only lads, not ladies.]


PNG Constitution includes that word 'equity', but equity exits no lips of lads?

Welcome to RHL (Rimbunan Hijau Land) previously known as PNG (Papua New Guinea).

This issue of tax evation and illegal logging on PNG soil is only small cup of a full pond of corrupt deals the politicians have been involved in since the beginning.

Everybody who has worn that crown to be called a Prime minister and his Forrest ministers have been implicated here and there over the years and it is always in deals with Rimbunan Hijau.

Nobody has stood up for our people, to say enough is enough, let's think for future our children. Not one pm or minister, they are all so so bloody corrupt. The current one is the worst.

It makes me really sad I am a PNGian. Why? Why? Can't we do something better? Something right? Are we good for something, anything at all?

No wonder. Of all these years of operating I've never seen any tangible and fiscal benefits from logging operations in the rural areas where they operate apart from royalty payments lo traditional land and resource owners.
Thank you Oakland Institute!!
I hope our government start regulating and monitoring the logging industry more stringently

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