Discovered: An anthology from the first New Guinea writers’ club
Researching the morality of PNG’s ‘dark tourism’ initiatives

Dare the heights

Distant galaxySIMON DAVIDSON

The stellar skies, and the infinite space,
Challenged man’s keenest curiosity,
Telling man, you can’t reach us,
We are beyond reach,
Of mortal man.

Man dared to rise the challenge,
He dreamed dreams to rise higher,
He willed to transcend limits,
And beat gravity’s pull,
And scale infinite space.

By airplane, man flew where bird’s fly,
Via rockets man quickly reached moon,
Thru manned flight the galaxies,
By imaginary novels - infinite space,
In inspired writ, Paradise.

Proving to cynics, and the infinite space,
That daring the spirit is powerful,
When the spirit dares to rise,
The barriers vanish,
And portals open.

Highways are carved in stratosphere,
The galaxies becomes visible,
Man reached beyond earth’s limits,
He colonized infinite space,
By daring greatly.


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