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Dai lukluk i stap

Arapesh children
Arapesh children


‘Dai lukluk i stap’ is translated as ‘Death is looking’. It is a village figure of speech which refers to a deceased person lying in the mortuary or funeral home awaiting burial. This is a cultural poem based on mourning and ceremony. The ceremony is called ‘Gabah/Gabahash’ in Arapesh society or ‘Stretim ol Kandre’ in Tok Pisin. Other societies have their own vernacular names. The poem speaks of the emotion when a person dies (stanzas 1 and 2), the preparation and mourning stage (stanzas 3 and 4), the transactions and funeral ceremony where payment is made to the ‘kandre’ or maternal relatives of the deceased (stanzas 5 and 6), finally the (human folly that is associated with this practice and a personal comment from the writer poet (stanzas 7 and 8) - RS

Yumi pilim bel i pen
Na aiwara i kam olsem ren
Taim dai lukluk i stap

Yumi lukim lewa i buruk
Na painim kaikai long kuk
Taim dai lukluk i stap

Yumi sindaun wantaim sori
Na tingim bek olgeta stori
Taim dai lukluk i stap

Yumi pasim haus krai
Na putim pik wantaim kaikai
Taim dai lukluk i stap

Yumi bekim ol dinau
Na givim ol kandre nau
Taim dai lukluk i stap

Yumi save paitim bros
Na kamapim ol koros
Taim dai lukluk i stap

Yumi givim i go ol samting
Na haitim i stap ol tingting
Taim dai lukluk i stap

Yumi mas stap wantaim wari
Na bikpla tu bai gat marimari
Taim dai lukluk i stap


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