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KDP - good innovation but useless if you live in Australia


TUMBY BAY - Amazon’s CreateSpace has been a boon to writers in Papua New Guinea.

Without any publishing houses of their own it was one of the few places a Papua New Guinean writer could get published.

Amazon has now phased out its CreateSpace printing and distribution service.

For those Papua New Guinean writers who have set up their own CreateSpace accounts it means transferring to a new combined service that Amazon has created with its Kindle eBook service.

This new service is called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

KDP now publishes both eBooks and hard copy books.

KDP books will now be retailed through Amazon, just like CreateSpace books were before.

A process is now occurring where writer’s books on their CreateSpace accounts are being transferred to new KDP accounts.

Writers can used their Amazon CreateSpace user name and password to access their new KDP account.

The new arrangement also requires the writers to reset their books on KDP.

I’ve done this with the Pukpuk Publications books. It’s not a difficult process but requires some getting used to.

Publishing new books using KDP also takes a bit of getting used to and requires a degree of practice.

In Australia a difficulty has been created by the government, which has deemed it necessary to slap a GST on books (and other) orders valued under $1,000. Amazon has refused to collect the GST and will not now ship books to Australia from its USA site.

What this effectively means is that writers in Australia will not be able to buy proof copies of their books or order copies at a wholesale price for resale.

Hopefully, writers in Papua New Guinea will not be effected in that way. Unless of course the government realises that enforcing its own GST will be a handy, albeit tiny, revenue raiser.

At a personal level it means I won’t be able to publish Papua New Guinean writers under the Pukpuk Publications imprint.

Hopefully Jordan Dean and others will be able to pick up where I’ve left off.

Such is the topsy-turvy world of writing in modern times.


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Bernard Corden

The US with its social atomisation of every conceivable commodity really is a despicable country but it has produced some gems such as John Steinbeck, John Dos Passos, Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gelhorn. Here is an interesting link to a recent article from Henry Giroux:


Philip Fitzpatrick

I wonder whether it's possible to take out a patent on the English alphabet. Maybe fine tune it a bit so it's an original invention but no too fine tuned that you can't catch everyone trying to write something in your net.

Failing that, maybe copyright.

No doubt Google et al are working on it.

Bernard Corden

It's quite easy to envisage the trajectory of Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon once everyone has their work in the cloud and computers no longer have inputs for external USBs or hard drives.

They will start charging to use the alphabet on your keyboard and any words which are categorised as subversive will incur extra charges.

'How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in’t' - Shakespeare (The Tempest)

Jordan Dean

I am beginning to hate KDP. I ordered 30 copies of my books and it's taking ages to arrive in Port Moresby. Unlike CreateSpace which took a week.

Philip Fitzpatrick

If you go to CreateSpace you just get re-directed to KDP, Baka.

With CreateSpace you could design your own cover and load it as a PDF. I've tried that with KDP but it never seems to fit their size requirements, even though I've used one of their templates.

KDP is definitely an inferior program.

Baka Bina

Just when I was thinking that I was an old hand at publishing, Amazon pulls the Kindle Direct Publishing on me and now it means I had to re-familiarise myself altogether again on how to publish a book. I wish I were as apt as Jordan Dean.

It was never easy on CreateSpace if you wanted a good quality work but after mastering that, it was good and easy if you get all that is necessary right and now it is to start all over again.

Early this year I decided I had to revise and expand on two of my novels; Man of Calibre and Sweet Garaiina Apo, it was an arduous task between me and Ed Brumby to get the review done.

Then thanks to KDP it took me nearly two months to get them up on KDP. Man of Calibre; earlier in the month and after two nights and a day between, I think i might have got Sweet Garaiina Apo up as ebooks.

I say I might as I have no way of knowing if I can down load as ebooks. That’s the other bit that a lauto like me will have to teach myself or learn in quick time.

What did I do in the review?

1. I wanted to increase the size of the hard copy books. The other books that have been published by Pukpuk Publishing are 6 X 9 so I have done that. I did all of mine books in the slightly smaller size.

2. I also increased the font size from 12 to font 14 Times New Romans.

3. I also did up the glossaries which also included page number indexation.

4. Then I had issues with ISBN numbers and I could not retrieve the old versions of the books. I had to get new ISBN numbers.

5. While doing that, I read about widows and orphans and had to go through the whole book again making sure that I had no widows (where one line of that paragraph is on the bottom of the page and the rest of the paragraph or sentence in on the next page or over the page); or widows which is the last part of the paragraph or sentence carries on over the page. This can be one word or a sentence. To be professional looking, two lines or more is recommended. Well that is not so easy when you have to cut, edit or add on new lines.

6. To make matters worse, new chapters should begin on the right hand page or on the odd numbered pages. Crazy if the last page in the preceding chapter ended on an odd page. It could mean a blank page. To stop a blank page, you write more into the story. That is when I realised it is sheer hard work trying to see what is added on. Sometimes laziness creeps in and repeats are the biggest fear here. I am hoping that there be none but it will be there. Someone will find them.

7. Just when I learned what were widows and orphans, it looks good for print copies as a professional good job. That may not be true for ebooks. I had to put in the hard yarka now so that it was good for print copies (which are quiet baffling so as to how to set that up on KDP for the moment).

Yes the the cover designs are bad and hope CreateSpace is still available.

Now all my six titles are now on KDP and as ebooks.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Their cover design function is really bad Jordan.

Jordan Dean

Thanks Phil for the reminder. I transferred the 12 books published under JDT Publications imprint over to KDP last week.

Took me a while to familiarise myself with the cover design, editing and formatting tools on KDP. KDP is not so user-friendly if one is not too computer-savvy.

I hope other PNG writers using CreateSpace can keep up with the changes.

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