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16 August 2018


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I'm happy I stumbled upon PNG Attitude. Great articles/work shared here. In fact I have learnt a lot through the information , history, comments , tips etc that's been shared.

It's true I don't know where else I would read the work of astounding PNG Writers and also get feedback/comments on our work.
Some of us has our own collection of writing which we keep to
ourselves because we don’t know the avenues where we can share our work and talent. PNG attitude has opened a whole new world for us.

Phil and Keith, really appreciate your help, support and dedicated commitment.

I'm a expat in PNG, probably only here for a few years, and I read PNG Attitude to try to understand some of what is going on in this incredible country. Keep it coming!

PNG Attitude is the best media outlet. I contribute more articles to the Post Courier and The National newspapers which will rarely publish them or, if they do, cut them and leave them not looking good. I feel pride in being a regular contributor.

I've edited a lot of PNG writing since we started the Crocodile Prize Baka and in Keith's defence I can say that sometimes it is very hard to work out exactly what PNG writers are saying. I've stared at a lot of sentences for a very long time before I fathom what I think is their meaning.

No reflection on PNG writers. Most of them are writing in a second language. Some of my tok pisin misses the mark too.

Both Keith and I are happy when the writers of PNG Attitude go on to different things and we don't regret helping them along the way.

Alphonse is a gem. You probably appreciate how hard the work she has done has been. We need more teachers like her I reckon.

Phil - Gutpela tru toktok bilong yu.

If we be civil to each other in our writing, this can go a long way. However I fear for the time when Facebook standards creep in. Thankfully KJ has maintained a good balance though sometimes he corrects and puts out unintended meanings when he edits some of my contributions.

All PNG contributors should try to improve on their contributions in structure, content and wordings. My writing have immensely improved as I try to reflect on how the reader will receive this rather that this is what I want to say. I am now writing for an audience of another person rather than KJ.

Congratulations to Kerata Adventist College and Alphonse Huvi for the students'' writing.

I enjoy your writing Phil. I totally get the “”it’s easier to write than talk”
PNG Attitude is the first thing I read every morning and usually the last thing I read at night.

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