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04 August 2018


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Keith - An extremely enjoyable read. Brings back memories of not unsimilar trips.

Commiserations on your back, Mine commenced with spinning my Go Kart off the track as an invincible 17 year old, My next trick was to roll it in a bend 'too fast'. The legacy has been with me ever since.

Mind you it did-int stop me indulging in motor sport, rallyied a 1.5 lire Riley for two years.

Then bought a new 948cc Austin Healey Sprite, converted it to an open cockpit Seabring Sprite. Upped the motor to 1082cc more than doubling the HP and had a great time racing it for a couple of years in Ireland.

My mentors were the late Desmond O'Neill and Malcolm Moon McQuigg who won the first 250cc Class in the first North West 200 Motor Cycle Race in 1929.

This is where Robert Dunlop was killed a few years back, And his son William Dunlop was killed at the Sherries outside Dublin last month. Both mechanical failures.

I enjoyed reading this a great deal. Keith, you have a fine turn of phrase and your descriptions and comments are variously informative and amusing.

It is intriguing to me that we use the expression "western world" to describe such an incredibly diverse collection of cultures, languages, architectures, religions and so forth. Even the geography conspires to create an impression of striking diversity.

Our friends from PNG who have travelled to "the west" must be more than a little bemused that such a brawling, squalling mob could ever somehow contrive to dominate the globe. It still baffles me, to some extent at least.

Beyond wot's grim, ever a grin. And faring so far.

Superb description of Istanbul, Keith. Thank you very much. It seems like a fascinating place. Wish I had been there with you.

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