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23 August 2018


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I have been criticised for publishing all this, but it was well known in PNG.

Australian stakeholders had also been briefed extensively on the real situation at PNG universities.

If silence prevails, the extortion and threats at PNG universities, especially towards foreigners, will continue.

This and other reports leads one to the obvious conclusion that PNG is run by criminals.

Thank you, Albert, for this very detailed story of your personal experiences as Vice-Chancellor of Unitech and the explanation of some of the major problems in the running of universities in PNG at the present time.

You are an amazing person to have continued to try to help improve the running of Unitech despite all the opposition and the 14 months in exile.

You have pointed out many of the problems that are affecting not only the universities but the general running of all aspect of PNG.

I hope PNG people who have the understanding of what you are saying will try to rectify these mistakes in the running of PNG universities.

But as you say, these problems are based on cultural features and the present poor attitudes and corruption and lies that are prevalent in some areas of PNG society today.

One can only hope that intelligent, well-educated people, honest people, who have a good ability to discern the truth, will be given roles where they can solve these problems in tertairy education in PNG today.

You have pointed out some of the problems. Now we need strong individuals who will try to work out ways to solve them.

I think I mentioned anybody who is anything in PNG, so I hope I left nobody out who feels he or she has a right to be pissed off with me :-)

For those who still believe there is something wrong with my credentials, here is the official record:

The Schram brand remains one of highly superior quality in PNG. If I were you, Albert, I'd trademark it immediately! PNG has not lost a friend, but it has lost a man who could take it somewhere better - KJ

Thank you for your comment. After 2012, there was one chance to cut out the rorts with the Independent Review of the PNG University system (the Namaliu/Garnaut report and its recommendation for funding through LNG revenue investment).

Here is the link to that report

A salient tale of intrigue, violence and greed.

Reminiscent of an earlier tale in a similar ilk as related in Dave Henton’s book, the Mount Kare Gold Rush: Papua New Guinea 1988-1994 which read like a thriller.

That book should be recommended reading for anyone who is thinking of dabbling their toes in the murky underbelly that sadly exists in “modern” PNG society.

When will past students of PNG Universities who owe their good fortune to the opportunities gained by a tertiary education start to stand up and take an interest in their former alma maters?

Until such time that occurs the rot will persist to permeate those noble houses of learning.

Although against the back drop of how our pollies have behaved in the recent debacle in Canberra one can not be too critical.

When our so called leaders behave like spoilt schoolboys arguing on the sideline as to who will be the captain instead of just getting on with the game it does not send a good message to our neighbours.

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