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06 August 2018


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While commentators have varied the epithets (for example little and small and the order of mention), not yet emerged is a distinctive acronym or initialism. If in PNG there are any 'thought police', they might suspect only that the indications are a joke, a joy or a jolliness.

Such of liberty and largess is in queried quantum in China where it seems, some ideas can't even be pooh-poohed.

He's the bastard that Hen Wen meant we should cull or castrate because of the four legged pig in the prophecy. Now I know.

He actually made a living as an ASSISTANT pig keeper Michael - different thing!

I disagree Mathias, pig keeping is hard work which most kings do not know.

Mostly they're useless.

I like this fable as much as I enjoyed 'The Frog who wanted to be a Cow' or the Pig who ruled Animal Farm. Then I read other tales too like 'The Frog Prince', 'Beauty and the Beast' and Snow White'.

Shape and size and such of the economy may be inverse to that of one instigator.

And the people of the beautiful island voted in good young new king from among the commoners. He ruled fairly with his selected dukes and princes and the people lived happy and prosperous lives ever after.

I imagine the fat little king looking like Shrek’s Lord Farquadd.

Some of the common people actually followed him to the sea and threw stones at him. To avoid the stones the fat king swam to sea. Then the sea waves then carried the fat one for many kilometers further to sea before he was rescued by one of the kings from the orient who was sailing home after the party. And there he settled in that country far away country making a living as a pig keeper in one of the villages.

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