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08 August 2018


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Wardley - Provocative in a good way.

Daniel - Love them both. Mona Mendai

Some strange goings on for love and sexual escapades moral hypocrisy is an inevitable victim.

If we say live and let live, we intend love and let live and therein sex and let sex.

But can we each be and let be?

I don't have the wisdom to fathom.

As for the masta, poor sod, I wouldn't ask his opinion either.

Some crows are only observers. This lesser observation often seen and reported of interaction with squirrels, was recently also my experience at seeing a wallaby encountering crows at a sandy beach (near Tiddlers, South Stradbroke Island, Queensland). One crow approached and interacted while others ‘in choired’, as if but not actually engaging. It is believed that crows “conspire with one another”, and be that as it may, it remains that some are content only to observe.

Of crows, that froward bird manifestly closing in on an aspect of domain that is not yet its own, may have not more than hope, as it investigates the tenure of its extension.

Of squirrel and wallaby, by report, we are informed, attribute is valued in possession, not relinquishing.

Which reminds of a renoun occasional use as a verb, the word “inbox”, ably and well attested as valid.

Observers if any, may recall (a capacity attributed to crows) Wardley demonstrated commendable awareness of “technology and society's influence on word understanding and usages”. Respectfully, my appreciation goes to Wardley and to all PNGers who venture into poetry, prose, proposes and postings that not only convey in the English language, but are embellished with concepts not usual in any of the toks of PNG.

Perhaps it will come as no surprise to Wardley, and as expected by any crowing throng, that another probe could come, and in the form of this threshold question: If doorstep is hardly of traditional PNG commonplace, is there opportunity to put PNG proximity to the foreignness of a “doorstep”?

We either ask "Tell me, masta. What do you want me to do to be like you?" Or "Tell me, Masta. What are you trying to do to me?"

Wardley is right to point to some prime examples of the hypocrisy and cant that is a feature of all human societies. There will be plenty of examples in PNG, be they from the distant past or the present day.

That said, for the record, the former colonial administration explicitly recognised polygamy and the payment of bride price.

Similarly, 50 years ago bare breasts and near nakedness were regarded as being nothing out of the ordinary in traditional society and, so far as I can recall, were not officially proscribed in any way.

Those of us who worked amongst the traditional people soon got used to how people dressed and simply ignored it most of the time.

For kiaps at least, the general rule was to allow custom to be followed provided no-one was physically harmed in the process.

We had enough problems to deal with in maintaining basic law and order without becoming enmeshed in enforcing a specific moral code as well.

Quite what the missionaries did I do not know but moral hypocrisy often is a specialty of those who control organised religion.

Powerful in its own way...

Daniel, you trupla man Enga.

This poem seems to be for me, Ward.

Let me remind Michael Jordan who is from the 'Islands of Love' and you and Michael Dom who are from the Highlands that 'primitive' philosophers saw that love is endless, that it was possible to spread it around equally and openly.

They saw that 'love' has a different meaning from 'lust' as in the case of the age-old cultural practise of polygamy.

It might have been 'detestable' for some when they saw my two wives on the back cover of my latest book 'Survivor - Alive in Mum's Loving Arms' available at

Like this one, Wardley.

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