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26 August 2018


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You've hit the nail on the head Michael. Therein lies the crux of the problem.

The trouble is that the traditional Melanesian answer may unfortunately said to be that 'might is right'. Clearly many have just accepted that's the way it is and moved on.

Human history says that in those cases, ultimately the unequal distribution of wealth usually leads to revolution, misery and unfortunately many deaths.

'A stitch in time saves nine.'

Failing of pre-independence preparation is in some forty odd year furling of flagging.

Failing to presume patterned patronage will endure and emerge furthers this as lagging.

But of the future, all ills notwithstanding, what may come beyond words and of bragging?

Bus and road and built thing and suited leader suiting pleaders, doggedly at tale wagging?

Benching judges best players adversely, on-field tactic of game, unjustly season dragging?

As some of our wise guys would suggest, the justice system we have is a Western concept.

It wasn't designed to withstand the unholy trinity in PNG: the hypocrisy of Melanesian Christianity, worship of the Melanesian big man and servitude to corrupted Melanesian customs.

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