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05 August 2018


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Michael Dom

Hey Vanessa, Savaii is something special.

Vanessa Gordon

“I want to be where the wind whips the sea / In our storm proof fale on Savaii."

I have read this a few times today. I like this.

Sunday afternoon preparing for another week hustling and bustling, I want to be in Savaii too!

Michael Dom

I enjoy the way I feel thoroughly more than comprehend fully your comments, Lindsay.

It's magical.

There's but one man who owns the final understanding of Lindsay's prose - and he's not telling - KJ

Lindsay F Bond

Assiduously searching sketched structure of fale poses exposure to elements windy and wet.

But open sides of any writing let no one deter. Fertile imagination leads to opportune tomorrows.

And let each comment bring on determination of writers' willingness, fearlessness and insightfulness.

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