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31 August 2018


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I was today speaking with my local Federal MP, Amanda Rishworth. She was doing one of her periodic meet and greet activities in the local shopping centre.

A long time ago I was a colleague of her father and thus have known her since she was a very small child. This slight acquaintance is enough for me to converse with her on a more personal and frank basis than most electors.

She expressed considerable surprise at the emergence of our new prime minister via the appalling viper's nest of spite, revenge and ambition that is now the government of this country. She thinks that the Morrison government is in terminal decline.

The situation is now irrecoverable because the public's disgust at the political assassination of Malcolm Turnbull is manifest throughout the country. Even previously hard core supporters of the government have made their displeasure known in the bluntest terms.

Bearing this in mind, together with the real likelihood that the government's majority of one will evaporate with the by-election for Turnbull's seat, it is pointless bothering about what a Morrison government may or may not do in relation to PNG.

It will have neither the time nor the inclination to do anything productive or useful in terms of fostering relationships with our Pacific neighbours, including PNG.

We must await the election of a Shorten Labor government and hope that it will prove to be rather better in managing our increasingly complex set of foreign relationships in what is rapidly becoming a highly unpredictable world.

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