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21 August 2018


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It's all Alphonse's work Rashmii. I just skimmed through it and fixed a few spelling errors and tidied up a bit of grammar.

Fantastic work, Alphonse! Very proud of you (and Phil) for putting together anthology of writing by the students. Looking forward to getting myself a copy when it is published.

Thanks Phil and Keith for promoting my imprint 'JDT Publications' and supporting upcoming writers. I am quite tied up with APEC and UN meetings at the moment but I'll do my best with the anthology when I find some time in between my hectic schedule.

Good work Alphonse and Phil. The literary torch continues to burn.

Remember that trip we took to Gembol in 2016 during Crocodile prize presentations, Alponse?

You also took me on your trip to Bougainville in your other excellent story.

Wish I saw Bougainville and Vanimo, Manus, New Irelnd, Samarai, Daru etc..which all seem too far away for me to reach. While Cairns appears close.

Phil, and Alphonse,
Some of the young PNG students show great maturity in how they respond to traumatic incidents. I have come across similar experience in my time in the Highlands. Also their writing is often very honest about emotions and feelings. Good work.

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