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26 August 2018


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Thank you Baka Bina and Francis Nii for your comments, much appreciated.

To get my writings pieces (almost all were earlier published by PNG Attitude) and publish them as a book is a new experience for me.

My gratitude also extends to Keith and friends on PNG Attitude as well as Jordan Dean for being responsive and encouraging during our email exchanges to get this collection published.

This is my small contribution to PNG literature. Thanks again.

I concur with Baka Bina. Publishing is the easy part. Editing and writing quality stuff is what matters. Raymond has done well and deserves a pat on the back.

Congratulations, Raymond.

Sounds and looks good.

Congratulations to Raymond Sigimet for publishing Mirror On The Wall.

We have life stories that should be captured. Some of the life experiences we go through now cannot be repeated.

I once read a good rendition in an essay by Raymond of his experience out in a Goroka village. I have not read this new book but I know it will have that same good reads in it. Thank you Ray.

To all the budding authors out there, it is possible to get your work published and Jordan Dean through JDT publications is providing the platform. Another, Pukpuk Publications is managed by Mr Fitzpatrick and is still out there.

You can also do your own publication though using the CreateSpace platform. A word of warning here though, you must be meticulous in self edit and ensure that there must be some level of quality.

Editorial support especially the reading bit is low on the ground here in PNG but there are good editorial tools out there including Hemingway Editor Apps.

These apps are good if you want to write in English only and minimal other languages. I tried with my myriad of languages; English, Tok Pisin, up to 100 words from my language and about 10 from other languages and we (the app and I) both gave up. It was a bit tedious trying to fix it up.

But once you get the hang of it, it will be very easy.
Once again Congrats Raymond and Jordan.

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