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30 August 2018


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While all else fails, lie, lie, lie. Dr Sumbuk has no proof that Prof Warren was incompetent as Vice Chancellor. In fact, he worked hard to establish order in the administration, and respect the Act of the University.

Dr Sumbuk's Council however reversed some of the Vice Chancellor's key decisions, making his position untenable in the long run.

Dr Sumbuk has also been denying he threatened Prof Warren. This is untrue. Threats were made repeatedly, we can take Prof Warren's word for it. John is not easily scared.

He had been VC in PNG for over two years, and in this period, for example, he submitted himself to a gruelling initiation ritual which he knew would make him very sick.

The students in PNG are very perceptive, and they know who is genuine, and who is not. John is a courageous and determined man, and made an honest commitment to improve UNRE.

Now the reputation of the PNG universities lies in ruins, foreign staff are leaving and the necessary replacements will not be coming any time soon.

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