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25 August 2018


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What is most significant at most medical centres in major Australian cities, apart from the fish tank and flat screen television with looped advertisements for cosmetic surgery, is the credit card machine at the reception desk.

It's not only the disparity of services being offered that also gets me going Phil.

Australian hospitals and health centres regularly dispose of out of date equipment or pharmaceuticals that may either be slightly out of use by date or no longer required. Many of these pieces of equipment could well be used by PNG health centres if there was a way of assisting the relocation and distribution in an ethical and fair way.

Recently, Rotary collected pre loved books and sent them to Simbu in a container. Perhaps some public minded medical authority or service organisation might venture to do the same? Maybe the AMA could then liaise with MSF and organise a regular collection and distribution between Australia and PNG.

Of course, that wouldn't be something the aid industry would be able to make millions from or some politician to crow about would it?

Still, I wonder if the responsible medical authorities might be able to help organise something if only they had some official help and assistance.

There's another aspect that sicks in my craw as well. Many so called aid initiatives beg for donations to needy children in far away countries and many Australians give generously.

Most of these regular donations are absorbed in so called 'administration costs' and maybe a small percentage actually goes to the country or child concerned. Who know whether it helps or not or who actually benefits?

While I have nothing against the people who are photographed as needing assistance it seems highly unusual that they seem to be in Africa or Asia. Why aren't they in PNG where we could help our neighbours directly?

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