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30 August 2018


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Apart from cutting aid budgets, what seemed to be the hallmark of Julie Bishop's tenure was a disregard for following through on policy, preferring instead to go on the spur of the moment.

In PNG, for example, she totally embraced the corrupt UPNG administration, while other universities which were cleaning up their act much quicker, were left without any support.

The results of this policy are clear for all to see now, with the last independent foreign Vice Chancellors having been chased out of the country, with threats and without the money they were owned.

Despite the botox, haute couture and Kallis pearls, Julie Bishop in her earlier career as a lawyer resorted to inhumane delay, deny and die tactics when defending Midalco (previously Australian Blue Asbestos) in the Heys and Barrow mesothelioma case emanating from CSR Wittenoom.

Ms Bishop displayed no compassion for the victims whose lives ebbed from them as that court case was deliberately dragged out. It was if she was waiting for them to die.

Several years later she accepted an invitation to the Reddy wedding in Hyderabad along with Barnaby Joyce and Teresa Gambaro and the return flight to Perth was claimed as overseas studies at the expense of taxpayers.

Then there is the relationship with that pillar of integrity Ross Lightfoot. Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent ['if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas'].

Enormous strength has been added to sports franchises in Australia by muscle, migration and more.
Mobility of labour broader than sport, via returnees, translates Oz values adding to monetary aid.

As much as convicts, warders, troopers, all intrepid folk began colonies on continental Oz, their enterprise encountered only a fraction of the turmoil visited upon inhabitants of the PNG places bipor, compelling so many to consider lifestyles not constrained by "Subsistence affluence" (term used by Sean Dorney), but then too, not enabling entry to lifestyles so foreign.

With "cutting aid five years in a row, by one-quarter in all", and soon maybe by one-third, it seems a portfolio where 'digging in of heels' is not a match at tugging.

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