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17 August 2018


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Of contemporary prevalence is use of "unbelievable", which adds to, not detracting from Chris's contention.

As one who voted at 1967 however, I find urging to note of both 'going' and 'rise' at Chris's "small steps".

In 1967, the 'going' was of Churchill, Eisenhower and Menzies, as if of them as headings for the hopes which coalesced and particularised in a word ‘certainty’. Wars in the preceding decades had required certain measures, and beyond aspects of good fortune, sheer weight of armament and adventure won wars’ endings.

At 1967, the 'rise' was of “reckoning the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth”, as if an age was ushered in, “90.77 per cent voting for change”, superseding that mindset of a hitherto certainty, earlier-held belief in some non-recognition of ‘people’ (for whatever reasonings). The ‘rise’ to which I refer is both of increase in numeral of population, and for a greater many citizens, of sense of respect of self, having made change from an un-respectfulness, if not of equity.

This draws to mind how a generational mindset (war-babe loom and post-war-babe boom) coalesced at a heady-mix concept of 'times they are achangin'. That 'still', that counts. A form as if of intoxication.

Was not a mindset of youthful self-belief a factor in volunteerism a compelling component in the ranks of those transporting antipodean effort into two or more European wars?

Of contemporary politics, is a drawing of comparison, if short a metre of rhyme and reason.

Among an "irreducible" cohort is sway of/by a Peter or more, ..and of the like (or dislike) of which is denunciation...and "public discourse that is...a shouting match", the fodder of fervency by reports.

Sanity and sanguinary comment came today from one Peters (yea, visiting from NZ) reminding of value and necessity in ‘abacus’, as a determinant of cohort content. How diplomatic his democratic rhetoric.

Advance then imagery of a Peter rampant of a certain politic, careeringly dudding a coalition. Despite being a beneficiary of more than a salary at the public purse, degrees of separation (through several constructs) disguising discourse of what is “childcare subsidy, even though it is paid directly to a childcare operator”. Disbursement of discussion pays a going by prise.

Of contemporary science, despite exceedingly apparent vacuousness of space, quantum scientists, not all astronomical in number, are at salivating ideas and modelling of a content-filled dimension to an area hitherto on-goingly void of explanation. So ‘it came to pass’, in the 1960s, in jubilant prospective, we certainly heard, “one small step…”

That is why John Pilger remains my favorite Australian and his book A Secret Country should be read widely both in Australia and PNG.

I have a small cameo role in A Secret Country. At least John spelled my name right - KJ

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