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09 July 2018


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Michael Dom

I too thought that all white women looked like Cindy Crawford from the one image I saw of her on the cover of Vogue.

But that was 250,000 hours ago.

I'm older now and slightly wiser.

Eric Coote

Looking at the photo, it doesn't seem that any of them are actually dying - quite the opposite.

Michael might have a problem and 250,000 years of human evolution says so. On average women seem to live longer than men too. They are not so helpless.

Michael Dom

Writing as 'the other' is challenging but liberating.

"She left: he right = the ratio of us
And the balance is one"

Ward Barry

Nice perspective, Michael. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michael Dom

A confronting issue, so does the poem.

Anne-Marie Smith

"Most know of someone who's worse off than them"
such a true statement.
I hoped there was a hint of positivism in it, and yet it certainly feels like 'no gut' for the others either! Your message is clear Michael!

Mathias Kin

Bro hit that, didn't miss, especially your explicit graphical expression, had a laugh with a few mates here.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Interesting idea - men as a lethal weapon. Or at least a certain part of them.

Would you marry an AK47 or a time bomb? Of course not. So why are you marrying that man?

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