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06 July 2018


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My friend, Trevor, who has spent a lot of time in PNG, but who now lives in Cambodia, thinks they will turn PNG into chop suey.

Phil, I share your view that we are at a seminal point in history. The power structures that emerged after World War II are clearly shifting.

China is rising, the USA is (relatively speaking) in decline and retreating to its historic isolationism, Europe is a mess, Russia is up to its old historic tricks, the Middle East is a viper's nest of seething historic and sectarian rivalries and hatreds and so on.

No wonder we are busily spending billions to rearm ourselves to fight nation on nation type conflicts, as well as terrorism in its various forms.

PNG is a mere babe in the proverbial woods in such an environment, hopelessly ill equipped to manage the emerging competing forces.

Right now, I cannot see how it can avoid falling into the clutches of the resurgent Chinese imperialists who are determined to extend their influence and power across the Pacific and Oceania.

What could possibly go wrong?

Excellent read. I copied to my Facebook page and one of my former students commented:

"Very enlightening read indeed! This is a must-read food-for-thought for our PNG politicians and their advisors and senior civil servants such as Tomato Gamato, whom together with PMPO, are probably right now, devising their own CUNNING PLAN to influence the outcome of the Bougainville Referendum.

"I would advise Bougainvilleans to not dispose of their weapons just yet!"

I can think of dozens of similar situations Chris. Adolph Hitler's assumption that Britain would become an ally stands out.

It now seems that we are all in a kind of limbo waiting for the sky to fall.

That Trump will sooner or later do something extraordinarily stupid is a given.

That PNG will descend into chaos if O'Neill remains as prime minister is also a given.

How we survive and come out of these impending disasters is unknown because we don't yet appreciate their magnitude.

We are in a seminal period of history I suspect.

So much for those who thought we'd seen the end of history.

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