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30 July 2018


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Lindsay F Bond

The tears of the downtrodden of so many historical fiefdoms and fictive regimes, well up in transport of Paul's visaged phrase, "undying and unyielding power of active and fearless protests".

If that 'trickle down' is oft murked, not moneyed, measurably, join in heart and as in 'hertz'.

Paul Waugla Wii

The behaviour of certain MPs on the floor of parliament is really sickening.

The so-called giants who masquerade "as the champions of the common people" will, one day, be thwarted not through popular rebellion, but by the undying and unyielding power of active and fearless protests.

Lindsay F Bond

Amusing and funny, Bryan describes the sentiments of a piqued PM. The earnest and intrepid Kua Kerenga MP calls the PM to task, promptly and piquantly.

JK Domyal

Kramer, it's you that will cause the PM to continue to piss in his trousers more often than at the loo. Hahahha!

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